SEO for Restaurants
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Restaurant SEO

Multi-layered campaign strategies that bring in more customers to your restaurant.

Search Engine Optimisation for restaurants.

Restaurant Owner | Testimonial

Shohel Miah

A short interview with owner and managing director Shohel Miah of Three Rooms, Bedfordshire, UK.

Local SEO Ranking

Here is what SEO can do

Rank you higher on search engines such as Google and Bing.
Attract new customers and give you the ability to re-target.
Increase the number of customers coming into your website.
Attract new sales opportunities based on your services ie customers searching from afar regarding restaurant hiring etc
We have achieved a Page 1 result for every restaurant we have worked with.
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Track the progress from day one...

Progress - you'll want to know a number of factors which is where we tailor a report, just for your business
Total no. of people that have visited your website
No. visits that have gone to your booking/ordering page but did not follow through (used for re-targetting ads)
Competitor watch - updating you their online activity and offering any counter strategy if required
Opportunities - your consultant will be providing business suggestions, advising you based on industry trends and offer opportunities to increase sales over all for the restaurant
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