Restaurant Pre Launch.

Built for the now.

1. Market Research

We will be with you every step of the way and long after launch....

Brand Identity - your brand needs an identity, an image, a voice which resonates and connects with your target audience so communicating that clearly is crucial. The first step is getting clear on your target audience.
Target Market - in order to have a success launch when opening a restaurant, the numbers need to add up which is why we'll conduct the market research beforehand. We will identify the market size, segment different audiences so you are equipped with the full picture and potential.
Competitor Research - to give you a competitive edge you'll need to know who your competitors are and what they offer. Restaurants can often be in in-direct competition with other service based businesses without even knowing it.
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Networks we can advertise on...

2. Promotional Material

Getting your systems and processes upto date: we'll help with...

Website - having a modern, functional user-friendly responsive website makes all the difference. The first place customers will be searching for you is online, without a website, people won't be able to find you directly,
SEO - in the simplest term, this is the process of optimising your website so that it ranks high on search engines so when diners search for your service, you are showing up first
Google Business Page - is a service which Google offers so that your restaurant is listing on its search engine. The majority of businesses have this and your restaurant should too.
Social Media - the numbers of people using social media is growing exponentially and it would be difficult to find a brand which is not active on social media, so it's important that your business does too.
Physical material - having the basics such as a professional logo, business cards, vouchers, comment/ feedback cards are expected of today's restaurants
Policies - many smaller restaurants miss this and it can often come back to haunt them. This is why we prep your business so that you have a good level of policies introduced right from the start.

3. Restaurant Launch

Getting it right, right from the start

By this stage we will have created a marketing strategy which will be rolling out over a 3-month period.
We'll be advertising your restaurants to your target audience and tracking this throughout every stage and adapting as we go
Customer database - we will building a database of your customers which will be essential when marketing to your customers further down the line
Tracking - we will equip the business to track every customer which comes on to your website through Facebook's tracking system for up to 180 days of your launch. If there have been 10,000 visitors to your website in month 1, we can reach out to the 6 months down the line!

Restaurant Management

It doesn't stop there...

Full service - we'll continue to be your service provider and ensure your business is kept ahead of the game and adapts to the challenges ahead
Social Media Management - actively communicating with your diners with the latest news, updates and offers.
Fine out more here
Social Media Advertising - covering Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. To see the results you can expect please click here
Website Management - regularly updating your website with the latest and greatest
SEO - ensuring your business is being ranked on a 1st page search results on Google. Fine out more here
Review Management - covering TripAdvisor, Google Business, JustEat, etc
Monthly Review - you'll have a dedicated marketing consultant who will review your business activity and advice you with the most effective strategies going forward

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Frequenty Asked Questions

How long will it take to launch my restaurant?

Our turn around time ranges from 3-4 weeks depending on the proejct requirements.

How much should I spend?

This heavily depends on the services your business will need. Local restaurants with a small population will vary when compared to a launch in a larger city where reaching a larger audience will need more investment. Smaller outlets have a starting price of £3K.

What are your payment terms?

We request 50% up front, then 25% upon mid-way completion and then 25% upon completion. Bespoke plans are available, please speak to your consultant to see if your business qualifies.